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Lonnie Watkins Tree Service  brings you 'a lifetime' of experience in a timely and affordable way. 

Lonnie started working with wood when he was just 8 years old, cutting cedar posts with a Swede saw with his father. When he was 11 he began working with a chainsaw and by the time Lonnie was 15 he was teaching himself to climb trees with spurs.

The memorable Eastern Ontario 1998 Ice Storm called for a great deal of tree clearing work in North Frontenac and shortly afterwards Lonnie incorporated with a focus on brush chipping and tree removal.

In 2006, Lonnie entered into tree services full time with work that now covers dangerous trees, climbing and trimming, storm damage, lot cleaning, new construction site preparation, stump grinding or removal. 

Lonnie Watkins Tree Service can also provide custom milling and we deliver different kinds of Firewood: Green, Seasoned, or Kiln Dried depending on your needs.

Lot clean-up and new construction site work will often include Mini Ex work.